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Enterprise-Class Solutions for All Businesses

CUSCEN provides SMEs with performance, security, scalability, and usability, enabling them to operate at an enterprise-level standard.

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Real-Time Business Data

Monitor finances, streamline tax reporting and access real-time cash flow updates effortlessly using our intuitive solutions and OCR engine.

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Personalized Services and Data Analytics​

CUSCEN offers tailored services and leverages big data analytics to provide SMEs with valuable insights — bridging the gap between their requirements and enterprise capabilities, and empowering them for sustainable growth. ​

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Power Up Your Business with World-Class CUSCEN Enterprise Software Products

In today’s competitive landscape, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency are crucial.

CUSCEN Enterprise Software Products deliver an all-in-one solution to empower your business:

Streamlined Workflows

Automate tasks, reduce errors, and free your team to focus on strategic growth.

Cloud-Based Flexibility

Access data and manage operations from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Get features tailored to your unique needs, whether you're in manufacturing, construction, retail, or beyond.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Reduced Costs

Streamlined workflows and improved inventory management translate to significant cost savings.

Increased Productivity

Empower your employees with intuitive tools for smarter, faster work.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed choices with real-time insights and comprehensive reporting.

World-Class CUSCEN Enterprise Software Products: Built for Growth

Our cloud-based platform scales with your business, ensuring you have the tools you need to achieve your goals. Industry-leading security and dedicated customer support guarantee peace of mind along the way.

Ready to unlock your business potential?

USA Team's Quotes

Mr.Marco Landeo
Pre-Sale Specialist (USA)

"CUSCEN isn't just a software publisher, it's a strategic partner. Our comprehensive suite of modules seamlessly integrates core functionalities, allowing businesses to streamline operations, optimize workflows, and achieve greater efficiency."
Mr.Marco Landeo, Pre-Sale Specialist (USA)

Mr. Kevin Kursad
Advisor (USA)

"CUSCEN has always been a market leader, pioneering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive. We were at the forefront of cloud-based ERP and continue to push boundaries to deliver the most advanced tools available."
Mr.Kevin Kursad, Advisor (USA)

Mr.Batu Satilmis
Pre-Sale Specialist (USA)

"Industry expertise is in our DNA. CUSCEN caters to a wide range of sectors, with deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each. Our industry-specific solutions ensure businesses get the tools they need to succeed in their specific domain."
Mr.Batu Satilmis, Pre-Sale Specialist (USA)

Modernize & Streamline Every Aspect of Your Business

Financial Management

Gain control over your finances with streamlined accounting, budgeting, and real-time reporting.

Project Accounting

Deliver projects on time and within budget with clear cost tracking and insightful reports.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manage complex production processes, bills of materials (BOM), and ensure quality control.

Budgeting and Funding Module

Create realistic budgets and forecasts, and explore funding options for future endeavors.

Fixed Asset Control

Track and manage your physical assets effectively, ensuring optimal utilization.

Customer Relationship Management

Build stronger relationships with your customers through powerful CRM tools.


Streamline project workflows, track costs, and collaborate effectively with teams and subcontractors.

Distribution Management

Optimize your supply chain with efficient inventory management and distribution processes.

Human Resources & Payroll

Manage your workforce efficiently with comprehensive HR and payroll functionalities.

Real Estate

Manage properties, tenants, and leases with ease.

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