Dedicated to pursuing sustainability initiatives to safeguard the environment and foster an inclusive world for everyone.



Achieving carbon neutrality exceeding 100% through a combination of offsetting and additional measures.


The amount of emissions reduced by CUSCEN solely by transitioning customers to cloud-based ERP solutions.


The average emissions reduction we achieved by migrating on-site servers to the cloud.


Trees planted on and for CUSCEN's eco-friendly marketing campaigns.


Used IT Equipment

Our reconditioned IT equipment initiative reduces waste, offers economical solutions, and showcases our commitment to sustainability.

CUSCEN Internships

Through internships, we foster sustainable mindsets in young talent, contributing to a skilled workforce that can drive positive change.

Tree Planting

Our tree planting initiative combats deforestation, aids biodiversity, and underscores our dedication to a greener future.

Volunteer Days

Employees are provided 3 days of paid leave to volunteer with charities of their choice which help improve unity among themselves.

Customers Care

Onboarding and Training

Seamlessly welcome customers and equip them with valuable product knowledge through tailored training sessions.

Technical Support

Responsive technical support ensures prompt solutions and demonstrates our commitment to resolving customer inquiries.

Relationship Management

Foster enduring customer partnerships through personalized interactions that reflect our dedication to understanding and serving unique needs.

Feedback Mechanism

Embrace customer insights for continuous enhancement, showcasing our commitment to evolving and aligning with customer preferences.

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