Offers software solutions for optimized financial operations, including accounting automation, financial reporting, cash flow management, and risk management.

Financial Services Management Solution

CUSCEN’s Financial Services Management Solution is a comprehensive software suite designed for the financial services industry, offering features such as accounting automation, financial reporting, cash flow management, and risk management. By streamlining financial processes, generating accurate reports, and optimizing cash flow, businesses can enhance efficiency and decision-making to drive success in this highly regulated and competitive sector.

Key Features

Purchase Request

Purchase request management involves initiating formal requests for procurement of goods or services, often starting the procurement workflow.

Purchase Requisition and Bidding

Purchase requisition and bidding streamline the process of requesting quotes or proposals from vendors, ensuring competitive pricing and informed purchasing decisions.

Purchase Order

Purchase order management formalizes the commitment to purchase goods or services from a supplier, outlining terms, quantities, and agreed pricing.

Purchase Receipt

Purchase receipt management confirms the receipt of ordered goods or services, facilitating accurate inventory tracking and invoice reconciliation.

Non-Inventory and Service

Non-inventory and service management handles the procurement of items that are not physically stored as inventory, such as services or specialized products, necessitating a distinct approach to tracking and fulfillment.

Financial Services Modules

Financial Management

➤ General Ledger
➤ Accounts Receivable
➤ Accounts Payable
➤ Cash Transaction
➤ Financial Report

Fixed Asset Control

➤ Asset Register & Analysis
➤ Purchase Order Integration
➤ Depreciation Method
➤ Multi Book & Quantity
➤ Asset Lifecycle


➤ Purchase Request
➤ Purchase Requisition
➤ Purchase Order
➤ Purchase Receipt

Inventory Management

➤ Request Transfer
➤ Stock Transfer
➤ Good Receipt & Issue
➤ Physical Count
➤ Stock Adjustment

Tailored for Financial Services

Financial Process Optimization

Personalized consultation to assess and optimize financial processes, including accounting procedures, financial reporting, and workflow automation, to enhance operational efficiency and accuracy.

Risk Management Solutions

Tailored risk management services, including risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and compliance management, to help businesses effectively identify and manage financial risks.

Financial Data Analysis & Insights

Analyzing financial data, providing meaningful insights, and developing data-driven strategies to support informed decision-making and drive financial success.

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