Human Experience Management

CUSCEN HXM is the human capital management software solution from small to midsize companies that cover from Payroll Management to Employee Management


Manage the employees in your organization including organizational details, education and career history all the employee and contact information. 


Profile management made simple. Keep all employee details in one place - from personal information to career milestones.


Track and nurture employee learning journeys with our comprehensive employee education feature.


Seamlessly handle contracts and compliance. Our employee management feature includes hassle-free employee contract management, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind.

Financial Assistance

Empower your team with financial support. Our employee management feature offers accessible financial assistance, fostering a caring and motivated workplace for all.

General Leave Entitle

Seamless leave entitlements. Empower your team with ease.

Forward Leave

Share leaves effortlessly. Our leave management feature allows easy leave forwarding for a seamless workflow.

Leave Request

Easy leave requests. Enjoy time off stress-free.


Take control of leave requests with ease. Our comprehensive leave management feature simplifies the process, ensuring seamless operations and a well-balanced workforce.


Track attendance with precision. Our smart attendance feature ensures accurate records and streamlined workforce management for a productive workplace.

Attendance Check

Track attendance effortlessly. Get real-time insights with Attendance Check, simplifying workforce management.

Monthly Summary

Stay on top of attendance effortlessly. With our monthly summary, access comprehensive insights into attendance patterns for better workforce management.

Count Late or Early

Punctuality made easy. Our attendance feature includes automatic late/early count, helping you maintain an organized and efficient workforce.

Job Announcement

Ready to grow your team? Create compelling job announcements effortlessly with our recruitment feature. Attract top talent and build a dream workforce!


Discover exceptional talent. Our Applicants feature lets you manage candidates seamlessly, ensuring you find the perfect match for your team.


Unlock potential through interviews. Our Interview feature streamlines the process, helping you connect with the brightest candidates effortlessly.


Unlock talent with ease. Our recruitment feature simplifies the entire process, from creating job opportunities to managing applicants. Discover the perfect fit for your team today.


Welcome new recruits with confidence. Our onboarding feature streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for every new team member. Set them up for success from day one.

Confirmation Alert

Seamless onboarding, stress-free. Our Confirmation Alert feature delivers congratulatory letters and attached files, making it easy to welcome new candidates aboard.

Onboard Announcement

Welcome with a bang! The Onboard Announcement feature ensures a warm introduction to new team members. Start their journey on a positive note.

Onboard Check List

Effortless onboarding, step by step. Our Onboard Checklist feature ensures no detail is missed, guiding you through a seamless onboarding process for new team members.

Request Leave

Request leave, your way. Take charge of your time off with our user-friendly employee self-service feature. Enjoy convenience at your fingertips.

Request Overtime

Earn more, stress less. Request overtime with ease using our employee self-service feature. Embrace opportunities for extra growth and rewards.

Switch Shift

Flexibility at your fingertips. Swap shifts effortlessly with our employee self-service feature. Take charge of your schedule, hassle-free.

Request Late or Early

Own your schedule, your way. Request late/early shifts effortlessly with our employee self-service feature. Embrace flexibility, redefine productivity.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees with self-service. Seamlessly request leave, switch shifts, and manage overtime and schedule changes with ease. Take control of your work-life balance effortlessly.


Unlock the full potential of your team. With our Training Feature, equip your workforce with personalized learning paths, fostering continuous growth and exceptional performance.

Training Plan

Streamlined training management. Our Training Plan feature ensures effective budgeting, timelines, and resource allocation for your team's success.

Training Registration

Start learning now! Training registration made easy. Empower your team to grow and succeed with our user-friendly feature.

Training Catalogue

Fuel growth with diverse courses. Browse our Training Catalogue to empower your team's success. Learning made easy!

Travel Plan

Plan your travels with ease. Our Travel Plan feature provides the tools you need to organize every detail of your business trips, ensuring smooth and successful journeys.

Travel Memo

Stay connected while traveling. Our Travel Memo feature keeps everyone informed about employees' business trips with ease.

Travel Claim

Easy travel expense claims. Our Travel Claim feature simplifies reimbursements, so your team can focus on the journey, worry-free.


Discover hassle-free travel solutions. Our Travel Feature takes care of all your business travel needs, making your journeys smoother and more efficient than ever before.


Empower your organization with efficient asset management. Our Asset Feature streamlines tracking and optimizing your valuable resources, ensuring productivity and growth.

Asset Type

Simplify asset organization. Use our Asset Feature to easily categorize and manage your valuable resources.

Asset Register

Track assets with ease. Our Asset Register keeps your resources in check, for effortless and organized management.

Asset Staff

Effortless asset management. Asset Staff simplifies control and history tracking, including returns and repairs.


Value hard work. Our Payroll feature simplifies overtime tracking and compensation, recognizing your team's dedication.


Elevate team perks. Simplified Allowance management in Payroll for enhanced employee benefits.


Recognize excellence. Our Payroll feature streamlines bonuses, inspiring greater achievements in your team.


Seamless payroll management. Our Payroll Feature takes the stress out of managing salaries, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for your valued team.

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