Meet Our Teams

Business Development

Identifies and pursues strategic opportunities delivering the highest level of customers satisfaction. Forge and nurture partnerships, driving the growth.

Accounting and Finance

Stewards of financial health, navigating the complexities of a global business. Reporting, insights and controls ensure a financially sustainable future

Information Technology

The backbone of our cloud first tech-driven operations. Ensures internal system are robust, secure and available enabling us to deliver the best customer experience.

Human Resources

Cultivate our greatest asset: our people. Fostering growth, diversity and a culture of innovation with HEART. Ensuring CUSCEN remains a desired destination for top talent.

Sales and Services

The trusted advisor helping organizations transform. Showcasing and delivering innovative solutions whilst providing delivering the best amazing customer experience. 


The pulse of the business  that keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. Spanning multiple domains and aligning the orgainzation delivering scalibility and innovation.

Product Development

Transforms visionary ideas into tangible customer focused solutions. Cross-functional collaboration ensuring products that exceed market demands.


Craft compelling narratives and campaigns that resonate globally. Amplify CUSCEN’s voice and increase reach to make CUSCEN a respected name. 

Customer Success

The bridge between our solutions and our customers. Ensuring every customer not just adopts our solutions but leverages them to  maximizes their  potential.

Soar with CUSCEN