Offers software solutions for streamlined property management, leasing, transaction tracking, and financial reporting.

Real Estate Management Solution

CUSCEN’s Real Estate Management Solution streamlines property management, lease administration, transaction tracking, and financial reporting for efficient real estate operations. With our software, real estate companies can automate processes, improve tenant relationships, and drive success in a competitive market.

Key Features

Properties Unit

Properties unit management involves categorizing, organizing, and tracking different real estate units, streamlining property listings and accessibility for potential clients.


Customer management entails maintaining a database of clients, facilitating personalized interactions, and supporting effective communication throughout the real estate transaction process.


Deposit management encompasses the handling of initial payments from customers, ensuring secure transactions and initiating the contractual relationship.


Contract management involves creating and maintaining legal agreements between buyers or renters and the property owner, outlining terms, conditions, and responsibilities.

Payment Schedule

Payment schedule defines the structured timeline for installment payments, enabling both parties to adhere to financial commitments throughout the property transaction.

Loan Management

Loan management oversees financing arrangements, including tracking loan disbursements, repayment schedules, and liaising with financial institutions for smooth property acquisitions.


Billing involves generating and issuing invoices to customers based on agreed payment terms, ensuring accurate and transparent financial transactions.


Receipt management verifies and records payments received from customers, maintaining a clear and organized record of financial interactions.

Change Schedule

Change schedule management addresses alterations to the predefined payment or construction schedule, accommodating evolving customer needs and project timelines.

Change Contract

Change contract management handles modifications to existing contracts, reflecting adjustments in terms, pricing, or specifications as agreed upon by both parties.

Hand Over

Hand over management marks the completion of a property transaction, including the transfer of ownership or occupancy to the customer, often involving final inspections and documentation.

Real Estate Modules

Financial Management​

➤ General Ledger
➤ Accounts Receivable
➤ Accounts Payable
➤ Cash Transaction
➤ Financial Report

Fixed Asset Control​

➤ Asset Register & Analysis
➤ Purchase Order Integration
➤ Depreciation Method
➤ Multi Book & Quantity
➤ Asset Lifecycle

Real Estate​

➤ Property Unit
➤ Contract
➤ Billing & Payment
➤ Payment Schedule
➤ Loan Management

Tailored for Real Estate

Property Portfolio Optimization

Personalized consultation and analysis to optimize your property portfolio, including property valuation, asset management, and strategic planning, to maximize returns and enhance overall portfolio performance.

Lease Management & Administration

Tailored services to streamline lease processes, including lease administration, rent collection, and lease renewal management, ensuring efficient and effective management of tenant relationships and lease agreements.

Financial Analysis & Reporting

Focused on financial analysis, budgeting, and accurate reporting, enabling real estate businesses to gain insights into financial performance, make informed decisions, and meet reporting requirements.

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