Optimizing project management, cost estimation, scheduling, document control, and collaboration

Construction Management Solution

CUSCEN Construction Management optimizes project management, cost estimation, scheduling, document control, and collaboration for streamlined operations and successful construction outcomes. Construction companies can efficiently plan, execute, and monitor projects while improving overall productivity and project success.

Key Features

Construction Structure

Construction structure entails comprehensive planning and design, forming the foundation for the project's scope, scheduling, and resource allocation.

Project Costing

Project costing involves meticulous estimation and tracking of expenses, ensuring budget adherence and financial control throughout construction endeavors.

Drawing Release

Drawing release involves timely distribution of project blueprints and plans, facilitating synchronized collaboration among teams and stakeholders.

Material Tracking

Material tracking encompasses efficient monitoring of construction resources, promoting on-time material availability and reducing project delays.

Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

Bill of Quantity defines the detailed itemization of materials, labor, and costs, serving as a reference for accurate procurement and cost estimation.

Project Changes

Management of project changes involves systematic handling of modifications, mitigating disruptions and maintaining project alignment with evolving requirements.


Sub-contractor management entails selecting, coordinating, and monitoring specialized teams, ensuring collaborative project execution and adherence to quality standards.

Labor Management

Labor management involves effective allocation of workforce, skills, and schedules, optimizing productivity and harmonizing construction activities.

Mobile Inspection

Mobile inspection leverages digital tools for on-site quality checks and documentation, enhancing project transparency and reducing manual errors.

Construction Modules

Financial Management​

➤ General Ledger
➤ Accounts Receivable
➤ Accounts Payable
➤ Cash and Bank
➤ Financial Reports

Purchase Management​

➤ Purchase Requests
➤ Purchase Quotations
➤ Purchase Bids
➤ Purchase Orders
➤ Goods Receipt

Fixed Assets

➤ Asset Register & Analysis
➤ Purchase Order Integration
➤ Depreciation Methods
➤ Multi-Books & Quantities
➤ Asset Lifecycle

Human Resources

➤ Employee Management
➤ Leave Management
➤ Attendant Management
➤ Payroll Management

Inventory Management​

➤ Request Transfer
➤ Stock Transfer
➤ Goods Receipt & Issue
➤ Physical Count
➤ Stock Adjustments


➤ Construction Structure
➤ Bill of Quantity
➤ Material Tracking & Labor
➤ Project Changes
➤ Sub-Contractors
➤ Mobile Inspection

Tailored for Construction

Project Management Consultation

Project management consultation, offering guidance on best practices, efficient processes, and effective project execution to ensure successful project outcomes.

Cost Estimation & Budgeting

Cost estimation and budgeting, helping construction businesses accurately forecast project costs, optimize budgets, and make informed financial decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Process Optimization & Efficiency

Streamlining construction processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, and improve overall productivity.

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